Monitor your cows 24/7.


Access information on a mobile app.


Identify the best timeframe for breeding.

Heat Siecker Product Display

Say goodbye to manual heat detection.

With our new technology, you can reach 1-2 miles without a clear line of sight from cow to antenna and pinpoint each mount to ensure accurate breeding time.


Heat check from anywhere.

Get real-time mount detection. Whether you’re on your couch or at your kid’s sporting event, you can heat check anytime, anywhere.


Share your data.

Allow others to view activity on your HeatSiecker app. By sharing your login, you can give them access to your notifications and more.


Get committed support.

Our friendly team is here to help you set up and use your new technology. We’re available to answer your questions every step of the way.

How HeatSiecker Works


When a cow is in heat, and other cows mount her, the patch senses the pressure


That individual cow’s data is sent from the HeatSiecker Gateway Antenna to your phone.


Then you can prioritize insemination based on real-time data and detect the perfect breeding window.



Antenna Setup

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Patch Application

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App Functions

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Data Plans

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Happy Customers

Timothy B.

Burke Cattle

We used “HEATSIECKER” for the first time in 2022 and were very impressed with both it’s accuracy and convenience.
The app is really easy to use, but more importantly, we thought the customer service and product backup was second to
none! This is a company that stands behind their product 110% and bends over backwards to help.
We are fortunate enough to have all our cows at one location. We had no trouble with reception on any place on our
ranch, which was at times up to 3 miles from the receiver.
We also found the computer support extremely useful at ultrasound preg check time. The reports we printed out were
spot on with the ultrasound data.


Everyone here at Burke Cattle would highly recommend this product to increase your conception through better breeding
accuracy, and to save time checking heats.

Rob and Sheryl Vanhove

Vanhove Cattle Company
Madison, SD

We used HeatSiecker in the spring of 2022 on 300 head. Our HeatSiecker group with
patches had 16% higher conception than the group without HeatSiecker patches.
This quickly made believers of us in the system. It saved countless hours of heat
The distance the system reaches is impressive. We had great reception through
buildings and trees, with no dead spots. We took a patch with us to Madison, which is a
few miles away. It sent the signal back to our unit at the farm all the way from town!
Timing of Al and ET is key to our success. HeatSiecker ensures that we Al at the
correct time. It also allows us to group recips for best implant timing.
The app is easy to use and the data it provides is easy to understand and apply.
HeatSiecker saves time and maximizes results. It’s a must use for our operation.


Yackley Ranches
South Dakota

“We used the HeatSiecker program on a group of virgin heifers. We put the patches on in May and only had one fall off out of the 65 when we pulled the bulls out in mid-August. Like any new system, there is a learning curve. However, with the HeatSiecker app, the data received is easy to interpret. They system is quick and easy to install and very economical.”


Bar A Cattle
Nocona, TX

“We used HeatSiecker on 30 receipt cows and had excellent results. We did it in December and the days were short so not only did the system work extremely well for picking up heats but it saved us many hours of checking cows in the dark. Knowing exactly when the cows started standing was valuable info when we put eggs in and catching the repeats two weeks later worked great. Our cows have had the patches on for almost 60 days and we have not lost a patch. I’m a believer in HeatSiecker.”


Pope Farms Embryo Transfer
Ravenna, NE

“By using HeatSiecker we have been able to do a much better job of detecting heats on donor cows in between flushes. This allows us to do a better job of scheduling their next flush and work with tiger natural schedule. It especially helps in the winter when it gets dark earlier. It’s amazing how many mounts are recorded at night when we are not watching. Not having to spend as much time watching the cows means more time with family. I can be sitting at a basketball game in town and receive an alert on my phone informing me that I need to breed a cow early the next morning.”


Kleve Cattle Company
Wykoff, MN

Precision Agriculture is a phrase that gets used a lot in agriculture right now. With HeatSiecker, you can truly have great precision in your breeding program. We run a very aggressive AI and ET program. HeatSiecker makes heat detection simple and accurate!”


Reproductive Services LLC
Lincoln, NE

“The HeatSiecker program will be a game changer for many operations. Timing of heats and the uncertainty play a big roll in the success in most situations. Proper heat detection is time consuming, and with everyone’s busy lifestyle, HeatSiecker can save even the smallest cattleman many hours that can be spent elsewhere. In our operation I would not be without it.”


DJC Genetics
Phillips, NE

“We had a chance to use HeatSiecker patches. They proved to be a very good tool to aid us in heatchecking. I liked that we could tell the onset of standing heat. This made it easier to group the recipes as well as the cows we AI. I can see this to be very beneficial when breeding donors and when using sexed semen where timing is more critical. We will be using HeatSiecker again.”


605 Sires
Madison, SD

“The HeatSiecker system has revolutionized our timed insemination of our donor battery as well as maximized the use of our receipt herd and allowed us to use and find more cows and accurately implant eggs at the appropriate times.”