Where do I place the antenna?

Locate outdoors where good cell service is available. The cows do not need to be where cell service is good. For best range, place high on a pole or building.

What is distance from antenna to cow?

A range of 1 – 2 miles in most locations. Longer ranges are possible in flatter, open areas and shorter range occurs with sharp hills or heavy tree cover.

Why isn’t my antenna working?

If the power light is not on, check the plug outlet. If there is power but no service, activate and subscribe to a data plan in HeatSiecker app.

What does it mean when the light changes color?
  • Red – No connection to cell network
  • Blue – connected and hooking up to cell network
  • Yellow – Low signal (1 bar)
  • Green – Medium signal (3-4 bars, the most common)
  • Purple – strong signal (5 bars)


How do I activate the patch?

Hold button for 3 seconds while following instructions on the app.

Where do I apply the patch?

Place patch so the colored area that indicates where the button is located, is on top of the tail head and the ears of the patch fold down each side. Place far enough ahead so the wider end of the patch is more in line with the hook bones. The forward placement ensures the patch won’t need to be removed when embryos are implanted in recips and also helps reduce false mount activity.

Can I activate the patch days before putting on cows?

Yes! If you know the cow ID’s and are in range of the antenna, you can activate and write the cow’s number on each patch. If you are out of antenna range, select “check activation later” on app. All patches will then update activation when in range of antenna.

How long will the patch last?

The average is 120 days.

Can the batteries be replaced?

No, the patch is designed to last during your breeding season.

Do I need to remove the patch?

Yes, at the end of use cut off using scissors or clippers and dispose of properly.


How much glue will I need?

1 bottle is enough for 9-10 cows

What do I need to know about the glue?

The glue may be used in hot or cold temperatures. We advise not allowing the glue to reach extreme temperatures.

  • May be used on wet hair.
  • Easily removed with household vegetable oil.
  • If excess glue is around the patch, a paper towel may be placed over it.
  • This keeps the cow’s tail from sticking to the glue before it dries, which is helpful in summer months when swatting flies


Can more than one person view the information?

Yes, anyone who has the login can view data. However, when one person makes a change it will change it for all parties viewing.

Do I have to be in close range of the patch to get notifications on the HeatSiecker app?

No, just like any other mobile app, you will receive notifications regardless of your location.