Antenna Set Up

Before patches will operate, the antenna must be activated.

  • Do this a minimum of 1 hour before use.
  • Updates may need to occur. If light on bottom is flashing, it is updating and won’t function until update is complete.

Activation/Data Plan

  • From App Menu, select “Activate Antenna”
  • This enables you to scan the QR code on back of white antenna enclosure.
  • Follow on screen instructions to activate and select a 4 month or 1 year data plan.


  • Attach 2 antennas to white enclosure
  • Long antenna screws to top part
  • Small antenna screws to side part, pointing down. (Both only finger tight.)
  • Long antenna is what cows send their signal to.
  • Short antenna is for cell.
  • Always place long antenna outside in open area away from trees. The higher it is placed, the more distance you will achieve. With the 26’ cord, it can be placed at the peak of a building and drop cord down to mount enclosure lower.
  • The enclosure (box) can be mounted inside or outside. Flip up doors at top and bottom access holes for screws.
  • If mounting indoors, be sure cell service is adequate or you may need to relocate to outside location.
  • Check cell service with light on bottom of enclosure.
  • Red –No function.
  • Blue – Connecting to carrier.
  • Yellow – Poor connection.
  • Green – Good connection, equal to 4 bars on phone.
  • Purple – Great connection, equal to 5 bars on phone.
  • Blinking light – Updating and won’t function.

If only a short distance is required, the long antenna may be placed at a lower outside location. (8 – 10 feet off the ground.)

Always place long antenna outside in open area away from trees.

Plug in adaptor must be kept inside.


Re-Activation/Data Plan

To reactivate the antenna after it has been off. 
1.  Go to menu
2. Select manage antenna billing. 
3. From menu on that page select devices and follow on screen instructions to reactivate.