Patch Application


1. Prepare Cow

  1. To remove dirt from hair, blow dry area where patch will be applied.
  2. Apply glue to the cow where the patch will be placed.
  3. With glove, work the glue into hair and down to hide, covering the entire area where patch will be placed. The use of a putty knife(2 inch’s wide) works great to spread the glue and keeps the glue from getting on your hands. 
  4. Stick patch down on glue and press to ensure good contact.
  5. Place paper towel over patch and excess glue around edges. This covers glue until dry and keeps the cow from swatting tail and getting it stuck on her back.
  6. Towel will come off in a day or two.

2. Scan patch and assign cow.

*See App Functions, Scan Patch/Activate

  1. Be sure antenna is operating before patches are scanned. The patches need to be able to communicate with the antenna.

3. Glue

  1. Be sure to order extra glue for touch ups. (1 tube does 2-3 cows, and 1 cartridge does 5 cows)

4. Button

Button on patch should be on the top side, not next to the hide, with button side closest to rear of cow. Place button ahead of where a recip would need blocked to put in the embryo. This slightly forward placement on the tail head assures:

  1. Patch does not need to come off when implanting embryo.
  2. Keeps button off high point of tail head, protecting it from the main force of mounting.
  3. Puts the front of the patch in line with hook bones on most cows.